Welcome to O Cinema da Villa
There is this large black and white billboard right in the entrance that spells out O Cinema da Villa.

Whoever decides to go down the staircase right by the Cascais Villa Shopping Cente main door, next to the train station, he or she will stumble upon a quaint coffee shop. It’s this little comfort zone, where anyone can just pop out their laptop, catch up on their reading with a well-deserved cup of coffee on the side.

That’s how the brand new movie theatre located in Cascais appears on the outside. On the inside, it is so much more.

Not only is it a great stop for family outings, a center where workshops and pedagogical activities are held so much as it is a comfortable space with three rooms (for now) where you can find the movie you always wanted too see, or the one you didn’t even know you wanted to see, without having to take the car out of its parking spot.

Besides its geographical convenience, O Cinema da Villa upholds this sense of purpose in promoting cultural awareness in Cascais. Not only for its diversity in movies but for its strict selection, with a soft spot for documentaries and animated films. As if the current blockbusters were countered with independente movies, retrospectives and film festivals.


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